Appointment system

I would like to create an appointment system that can be managed from the Kirby Panel, this is certainly well out of the scope of my skill-set at the moment but, nevertheless, I will discuss what I want to try and achieve along with some corresponding mock-ups. Is this feasible? Perhaps someone could point me in the right direction. I was thinking it could operate in conjunction with the Kirby Uniform plugin with and the Kirby Calendar Board plugin talked about here.

The idea is that prospective clients fill in a form with their name, requested time, requested date and email, perhaps a phone number and additional info. This then gets sent to the panel to be approved, as you can see in the mock-up under the heading “Requested”. The admin can check in the calendar to see if the works and if it does she can click the tick button which confirms the appointment.

If the time does not work the admin can click on the requested appointment to see the details of the prospective client and arrange the appointment by contacting them.

When the date and time is agreed it can be changed through the page or quickly through the requested screen and confirmed.

When the appointment is confirmed it is displayed on the calendar and disappears from under requested.

In the case a confirmed appointment needs to be changed it can be clicked on in the calendar which opens the page for that particular appointment.

Alternatively, it seems that the next version of Calendar has a drag and drop interface, perhaps when this is done a modal opens up like so.

This is the basis of the system, in a particular context that I would like to use it in. I have probably missed many considerations but hopefully this conveys the idea in a general sense.

If this is at all feasible, ideally, an email could be sent to the admin notifying them that a form has been submitted, an email to the prospective client saying the form has been received and another after confirmation.


looking for an appointment management solution myself right now.
did you proceed building it?