Dear Kirby Community,

our Team at the Acrontum GmbH in Germany, Munich, started developing a plugin which allows you to offer time-based services like hotel rooms, restauraunt reservations, freelancer services and everything else that requires a certain amount of time or if not just needs a “booking” workflow. We just finished the first version which includes:

  • Create Products, with price, description and title
  • Set a time range for the booking or leave it “unlimited”
  • Set a currency
  • Set a contact mail address, which gets all the bookings
  • Get bookings via a booking form
  • Enter the confirmation and success text for the customer in the panel
  • You get an eMail with the booking and a url to confirm it
  • After the confirmation, the customer gets another final confirmation

We tried to have an eye on the responsive behaviour as well, so the booking form does quite well on smartphones and tablets.

In the next versions we are planning to set up the following:

  • Pay the booking directly using PayPal and other payment services
  • Manage bookings and customer in the panel (Edit, create, delete)
  • Manage booking criteria (form-fields) in the panel
  • Capacity planning for services (multiple time ranges and blocked time ranges)

We really hope you like it and would be very thankful for feedback and feature suggestions. If you bring the plugin to use, please send us a link of your project, would be great to see it in action.

You can find the repository here:

Greetings from Munich!


No screenshots of this?


Hey jenstornell,

thanks for kindly asking! Here are some Screenshots. I’m curious about your impressions :smile:

The configuration in the panel

The Booking Form

There is no date given or something else is missing? Throw an error!

Add a product


Thanks @Tapefabrik :pray:, I will try to implement this to a new bistro website at Rome.


Let us know if you have issues setting this up :slight_smile: we want to be sure everyone can use it easily.


Love the concept! I’m working on payment integration for Shopkit – first PayPal, then others – and I wonder if there should be a general Kirby-focused API wrapper for payment gateways.

Is this something you’d want to collaborate on?


Are you the author of Shopkit? Seems like there already is a paypal integration?

In General, sure, nothing against a collaboration.


Yep, I created Shopkit. The current PayPal integration is there, but I’m working on generalizing the code so that it’s easy for people to add more payment gateways without touching the template code.

Now that I think about it, I’m not sure what benefit a Kirby-focused plugin would have over something like Omnipay. But anyway, I’ll share the code when it’s ready and I’m looking forward to seeing yours!


Hello, if anybody should see this – I was just wondering if the booking plugin is still under development? On Github it looks like it hasn’t been worked on for a while…


tbh, i don’t think it is still in development. However, i am not part of the acrontum team anymore and therefore i will forward your request and ask for information.


Everything is everytime under development :slight_smile:
Did you need sth? I can forward your question to our developers.


Hello, thanks for getting back. The reason I am asking is that I am not super experienced, but got a client who needs a booking/reservation function for tours. While going through options I found the plugin and was wondering if there would be any support if I got stuck. It’s a bit of a risk, but the alternative would be a WP based site. I don’t really know if that would mean less or more headache though. I guess the question is - if I got stuck, would there still be somebody I could ask for help?


Sure, we are a established company and we found every time sbd who can support you.


I see, well that sounds encouraging. I will give it a go! Thanks for your words so far!