Introducing Calendar board

this is my first plugin for Kirby and I’m very happy. :grin:

Calendar board is a custom panel field that provides an easy way to add and manage events, activities or bookings in the panel through an intuitive calendar board interface.

For installation and usage check it out on github!

Suggestions, and feedback are greatly appreciated. :wink:


And I’m very happy to have introduced 17/17 [issues] (✓&q=) :slightly_smiling: (13 already solved).

No but seriously, it’s an awesome plugin!

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Just a little style update.

Calendar board abandoned the dark side and now it looks like this:


New features are coming!

Data preview
Thanks to this feature you’ll be able to define how events’ entries will be displayed in calendar board interface.

It will be managed in the same way of structure field’s “entry” option (micro templating)

Cloning of events
This feature opens the possibility of repeating an event on multiple days.

I think this will help alot in booking’s stuffs.

Classifying events
You’ll be able to add a class/category to an event that will be managed through the custom panel CSS.
A simple example of this features is to give a different background color to each classes/categories.

Another thing, I’m planning to release Calendar board in two versions: the current one for free and a Pro one with these new features, some template examples and at a cost of $ 5-7 (and maybe with a cooler name :P). Both with MIT and multi-site license.

What do you think?


Looks great!

Regarding the license one hint: If you use the MIT license for the pro version, users will be able to distribute it for free again (and even sell it). You need to use a different license for that one.

Moving events between days experiment


Kirby 2.3.1 fixed some bugs regarding cloning and moving events features.

We’re on the rails again! :grinning:


Do you still support the plugin? I’d really like to use it in my next project.

We will publish soon a paid version of Calendar board (called Kaboa) with all the features described in the issues on Github. :grinning:

Calendar board free version will remain so, we will only fix any bugs.


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Cool, thank you for your answer. I will also be interested in the paid version. So for development reasons: Are the date formats/file properties the same for Kaboa? If so, I could use the free version now and upgrade as soon as you are releasing Kaboa.

Yep, you can :grinning:

any updates on your Kaboa project :slight_smile: ?


Excited about it, please tell us how things are, and just in case you abandoned the premium version, update the git repo with what you have already :smile:

  1. Good news: I’m alive :slight_smile:
  2. Goood news: all the enhancements have been developed
  3. Gooood news: here you can find a working demo.
    Log in using demo - pHde79!
    You will find Calendar board in Contact -> Job meetings
  4. Bad news: the demo uses an old version of Kirby (2.3.1) so I don’t know if it works with the latest one. I have to test it
  5. Baad news: Documentation to migrate from Calendar Board Light to Pro doesn’t exist (yet)
  6. Gooooood news: I decided that Calendar Board Pro (Kaboa) will be free

Waiting for the documentation you can download it. :tada::tada::tada:


Well that is most excellent good news!

This is so great, thank you very much!

Would be great to hear some news, or at least publish the latest stuff in develop branch on GitHub - I’d really love to see what you got so far!


@S1SYPHOS Have you seen the download link three posts up?: Introducing Calendar board

I did, but it’s not what you can see in the screenshots … at least not in Kirby 2.5.8

// Edit: I just went through the plugin file (always a good idea before spamming forum threads, let me tell you), and noticed the blueprint option spoiler needs to be present - mea culpa!


In the absence of a repo, I created a new home for the Kaboa download on GitHub, changed the folder structure a bit and made it installable via the Kirby CLI:

Hope that’s ok for you, @molocLab, maybe you can set it up yourself if you find the time?