Calendar view/plugin for K3?

with K2 i was using @texnixe’s fork of Kaboa (Pro). I know there’s a calendar/event sample in the docs/reference, but I was thinking of a calendar view rather than this.
thx, any help/suggestions appreciated!

I’m not aware of a plugin for Kirby 3. You could probably become rich & famous if you go ahead and develop something for the community, I guess :wink: I wouldn’t be surprised if there are Vue plugins to facilitate this…

Keep throwing money at me, maybe I will :smiley:


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are you talking about a panel field / table plugin or just php logic? i can not find the repo you mentioned above.

since i will create a calendar plugin in near feature for a client i am keen on getting some input to make it work well in other usecases.

i will not port @mzur’s calendar plugin, but something very close.

I meant not just PHP logic, but a Calendar view (like the one @mzur provided)

I’m looking forward to your Plugin!