Availability calendar plugin for Kirby?

I need someting that looks like this:


It’s a WordPress site and I might convert it to Kirby. Is there such a plugin out there? I’m willing to pay for it.

I know about https://github.com/mzur/kirby-calendar-plugin but that plugin does not do this:

I’m working on a custom form field called “Calendar Board” that at this moment does this:

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Maybe I could bend someting like this to my need. Hard to say, need to test it first.

Are you going to add it for publicity on Github? Or sale it? If it works well I could make a donation or so.

I hope you will not sell it on Codecanyon or so because I like to test things first.

And this is an example of how you can view the data on the web site using, for example, Bastian calendar library.

I’ll publish code soon, I hope it will help you.

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That’s almost excatly what I need. I have two states, “Fully booked”, “Some left”. Orange and red.

Is it possible to have another color type?

The panel code (Custom field) and code in wesite are totally separated and the second one is optional.
The blueprint of the structured field in days detail is open.

You can manage tha data as you prefer.

In the example I used this simple rule to display “half” or “full” image:

if “structured fields in the day” = 0 -> empty image
if “structured fields in the day” > 0 -> half image
if “structured fields in the day” > 3 -> full image

You can use the rule and the image you prefer.

I’ll add it on Github. :slightly_smiling:

Seems like a perfect plugin, either for bookings or events. If you need some testers, I’m available :wink:

That looks phantastic, I’m planning to migrate a project from Wordpress some time soon and such a calendar would come in handy :wink:

Looking forward to try it out.