Staff scheduling calendar module or page


I need to integrate a staff scheduling calender thing in a page on a static website. It is for a very small taxi company.

I build this, with a pseudo cms (Sitecake) where you can edit stuff from the front end, but it didn’t work out.

I need to build something with a backend, where our boss can schedule drivers and cars and dates.

Also I need a little popup or tooltip or anything, where our boss can make special annotations like „Get car key from co-worker X“.

How can I do that in Kirby? Is there a plugin I can use, and if yo which?

I have seen those plugins but I don’t understand the difference between them and which to chose.

The constraining point is probably going to be what you can do with the panel easily without adding panel hooks, etc.

I looks like any of those plugins is probably a good starting point, but you’ll probably need to do a bit of coding to make it work for you.

I’d start by writing down exactly what the requirements are in plain english without specifying how but only what.

“Manager needs to be able to schedule cars and drivers at specific dates”
“Manager needs to be able to add reminders that trigger based on …”
“Drivers need to know when and where they are to go”
“System needs to generate text messages based on schedule changes”

Once you have a list like that, it will be a lot easier to analyze what’s available and then do a gap analysis for the various solutions. (gap analysis is the process of determining which features of satisfied by an existing solution and estimating the work to complete the remaining features)

With 5 minutes of looking at the various calendars, I’d probably start with and then make a list of things that you need to change/add/delete to meet your requirements list and then work on those one by one.

As far as whether kirby is the right solution, I’d say yes. I’ve been extremely impressed by the code quality and the breadth of the tools and plugins available to help you get the job done.

Additionally, the support in this forum is exceptional. (I’m talking about you @texnixe) :slight_smile:

@mrunkel Thanks for the praise.

I think it is a very good idea to follow @mrunkel advice to first analyse what sort of functionality you really need, who needs to do what and. who needs to know what.

The next step would then be to find out what would be the structure in the form of pages and subpages etc. (cars, drivers, tour dates), the relations between these pages, and the fields you need in each one.

Is the Schichtplan always valid for one week? Then maybe folders for weeks would make sense etc.

I wonder if you need a plugin at all. On the Panel, probably not.

On the frontend, it could be useful if you have to calculate dates, but currently it doesn’t look like that. Do you want to display a calendar? Then yes, a plugin can be useful.

Yeah, being a @texnixe fan already!

Thanks for the non-tech thoughts up front about that thing. You`re right, this is a little vague in my head.

  • Manager needs to be comfartable with the backend. He is not a computer noob, he actually works quite a bit with computers and uses several mobile devices. But he is not very used to web based interfaces. So, no Markdown for e.g.

  • He needs to make annotations for specific drivers on a given shift.

  • Some shifts should be markable, like with a color, because there is one recurring characteristic, which applies to 1 car at 1 shift all the time. Every driver has to have something like the “schwarzer Peter” for some days. Like the opposite of a Joker.

  • The frontend shoud be responsive because the drivers don’t use computers, but phones instead.

  • The backend should be responsive because the manager needs to be able to shedule shifts or re-shedule things on an iPad or even Phone, because he is one of the drivers himself and sometimes has to do those things in his office on the driver seat.

  • The data from the modal is not used for accounting or anything, because this data is collected by other methods (the taxameter sends data to a server and every driver uses a chip thing called „Cey“).
    So, data from passed shifts (like passed week or month) is not needed anymore afterwards.

  • Just one modal on a single page. No need for pages or subpages.

  • The timeframe for the shift planning is not consistent. Up to now he only did it for max 2 weeks. Dunno why not for a whole month, but I guess it is because we don’t have a great tool for it. Up to now he uses Excel, makes a screenshot and distributes it over a Telegram Chat.

  • The main catogeries are „car“ (thats the numbers in my demo version), „Nighshift“ and „Dayshift.“ Then „drivers“.
    „Car“ never changes. „Night“ and „Day“ are also fixed.

  • Multiuser log-in would be nice, so that drivers can shedule themselfs, but I guess they would rather prefer to call the boss and tell him to do that for them (Isn’t that what management is for?).

  • Super futuristic and mega cool would be, if a message would be sent out and a drone would take off, if the shedule changes, but Chat is a good possibility for now.

  • Not sure if I need to display a calendar at all. Automatic dates would be nice, like a date picker, so that the user doesn’t need to have a calendar separat.

Well, nothing beats a screenshot in a chat.