1 year Partner directory: new benefits, new rates 🎊

Hey everyone,

We celebrate the first anniversary of our partner directory and have some nice updates.

We are introducing new benefits and rates. Our main focus was to come up with an attractive offer for studios/agencies with 2 or 3 people. We will differentiate two plan types (regular and certified) and, within those, by the number of people in the company.

In addition, we have made some appealing additions to the partner benefits, in particular a 10% discount on licenses for all certified partners during the partnership, regular office hour calls with certified partners and more. For regular partners, we are opening the project leads channel to all partners.

You can find all the benefits listed in our brand new application form: Join the Kirby partner network | Kirby CMS

We want to say a big thank you to all the 50+ partners who have accompanied us already through our first year. It means a lot to us.

If you want to join as a partner but have questions, let us know!

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