Kirby 4 Alpha 1 & The Kirby Partner Directory

We’ve been very busy in the last weeks and months and are excited to launch not just one, but two major projects today :rocket:

:seedling: Kirby 4 Beta 1 Alpha 1

Yes, we know, we called it beta in the announcement. In the last weeks we built a ton of features and improvements for a version that is all about you and your clients. We got sucked into a big list of ideas and we realized that we don’t want to be done yet. That’s why we decided to call it alpha instead and just keep going together with you for a few more weeks.

We’ve created a full-blown release page with all the details and docs about the features that are ready to be tested – and it’s a lot:

We will continuously release new alpha versions with fixes, improvements and features in the next weeks and freeze features before the summer break.

This is where you come in. We want to convert this into an open building process from here on and invite you to participate with your comments, issue reports and suggestions. Join us in our v4 Channel on Discord:

:supervillain: Partner Directory

Over the years, we kept on getting all kinds of requests for reliable Kirby developers and projects leads of all sorts. Not just in the job board, in the forum or here, but also via support emails. We’ve also heard that a reliable network of Kirby developers is indeed an argument for new clients. This is how the idea for the partner directory was born.

For you as developers/designers, this directory presents an opportunity to demonstrate your Kirby and web development expertise to a large, growing audience.

For clients all over the world, it is vital to have partners who know Kirby well, create great websites or apps, and provide high-quality services, in short, to be reassured there is always someone to trust with their Kirby project.

In the last weeks, we started to contact a first set of potential partners and today we are launching with the first group of freelancers and agencies.

We are truly excited about this and hope to see more partners and more interesting connections in the future: