Wysiwyg plugin with lot of functions

Hi. I’m looking for wysiwyg plugin with more functions than kirby-wysiwyg.
For example, I’ve used SummerNote before in my previous project without any CMS. Is there something similar to that in Kirby?

Hi, it depends on what you exactly want more. There’s a good Enhanced Textarea plugin imho.

I haven’t seen a plugin based on SummerNote yet for Kirby. But if you want, you can roll your own WYSIWYG plugin based on SummerNote (I saw it’s a public github project).

Oh. I’m sorry. I need insert images, simple tables, lists. Change font family, size, color. Align content.

Okay. Finally I’ve used kirby_ckeditor plugin by fishme with some additions.
The last thing I need to do is add custom code to Kirby panel’s “on save” and “on page load” events.
Is there any way I can do this?

Kirby provides event hooks, e.g the panel.page.updatehook, but there is no hook that reacts on page load.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve read that topic and found only PHP code. Is there any way to add custom code to JS event listeners?

For someome who is interested in similar task. The problem was in duplicating ckeditor component so popup menus worked incorrect. I’ve added following code to the ckeditor’s config.js file:

CKEDITOR.on("instanceReady", function () {

This code will remove previous instances of ckeditor and everyting should work fine.