What do you think about (editor features)

Hi guys, currently I’m testing kirby in laptop (local), and I want to know what do you think about those features:

  • add others markdown buttons as code, image, list etc…
  • add an emoji picker to text editor? (as here, in forum).
  • when you press a format button (as bold or italic), you can see the change immediately without the markdown marks


Hi, what do you mean exactly with “think about those features”? If you would like to have something like this added there are several possibilities:

  • Extra buttons on textarea field -> create your own field, or check plugins for something you might like.
  • Emoji picker: dito as above, but you’ll also have to create a kirbytag so you can convert it in the front-end I think.
  • Formatting in a field in the backend: you’ll have to roll-out some kind of wysiwyg editor field. Fwiw my experience with wysiwyg is that it’s often more a hassle then a gain (cross browser issues/poor formatting/…). I kind of like the simplicity kirby provides, and I hear the same from my clients. Because of this, I like this enhanced textarea plugin, have a look at it.

There are already two wysiwyg editor fields for Kirby: https://github.com/jenstornell/kirby-plugins/issues?utf8=✓&q=wysiwyg

Don’t know if they still work, but if you need something like this, they may serve as a basis for your own development. But I agree with @bvdputte, don’t really see a gain.