Emoji picker to textarea in kirbyCMS panel

Hi, I have a need to add Emoji picker to textarea in kirbyCMS panel.
My search turned up no results, nor did I find any plugin.
Does anyone know if there is such a possibility?

You could use the markdown field and extend it with your own custom buttons:

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Worth noting that windows, macs and Linux (Ubuntu for sure) have a built in Emoji picker.

Pressing Command + Control + Space on a mac will bring it up. If you have the Textarea focused in the panel when you do that, it will let you pick an Emoji to instert into the text.

On Windows, pressing Win + . or WIn + ; will bring up the picker.

On Ubuntu based linux distros Ctrl + .

You could probably just make a custom button to trigger the keyboard shortcut for the picker.

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Are you kidding me? :exploding_head:
How did I not know this?