About panel keyboard shortcuts

Does anyone know the kirby panel keyboard shortcuts? I couldnt find on forum and docs.

just hover over the button, to get the tool tip.

you can find examples in the panel/app/fields/textarea/buttons.php that contains shortcuts like that.

  'bold' => array(
    'label'    => l::get('fields.textarea.buttons.bold.label'),
    'text'     => l::get('fields.textarea.buttons.bold.text'),
    'shortcut' => 'meta+b',
    'template' => '**{text}**',
    'icon'     => 'bold'
  'italic' => array(
    'label'    => l::get('fields.textarea.buttons.italic.label'),
    'text'     => l::get('fields.textarea.buttons.italic.text'),
    'shortcut' => 'meta+i',
    'template' => '*{text}*',
    'icon'     => 'italic'
  'link' => array(
    'label'    => l::get('fields.textarea.buttons.link.label'),
    'shortcut' => 'meta+shift+l',
    'action'   => 'link',
    'icon'     => 'chain'
  'email' => array(
    'label'    => l::get('fields.textarea.buttons.email.label'),
    'shortcut' => 'meta+shift+e',
    'action'   => 'email',
    'icon'     => 'envelope'

No idea if there is more files containing the keyboard shortcuts.

Cmd + enter to save. Really handy!

I’d be interested to see additional shortcuts, too.

I use Windows. Can I use shortcuts? I only need the save shortcut for now.

What is “meta + enter” on Windows?

Pity there’s no more answers here! And the shortcut problem is a serious one.

For example it makes impossible to edit content in Polish language, as you’ve got letters like śAlt + S. And this results in the keystroke being captured and the page saves, yet the letter does not appear.

Same goes for ł letter (Alt + L this time).

Any help?

Have you opened a Github issue for this?

Alt + L was caused by a plugin and I could disable it easily. Unfortunatelly, Alt + S is a Kirby Panel default shortcut and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I’ll open the issue and below’s the link.

getkirby/panel — issue #1028