Emoji - best way to add to blog-article? -> Use your OS-emoji-picker

Hi there!

As you might now, I’m new to Kirby and I’m not a web-developer. :innocent: So I’m improving my Kirby-skills by reading, trying, asking. Hey - I’m really happy with the things I’ve learned from you and which I solved by myself.

I’m still working on RSS-Feeds, but I wanna do something new for my fictional travelblog. I want to add emojis.

What is the best / modern way to add them to blog-posts?

My first guess - and perhaps the baddest idea - will be to add them as images and insert them, when needed.

Second idea was to ad a JS like emojify.js. But I want to leave JS alone as long as possible.

My third and last idea is, to add them as a font. I don’t like Google-Services, but Noto is a great project. And the added colored emojis a while ago. Because of the file-size (.ttf - around 7 MB) I’m thinking about deleting all unused emojis from that ttf-file. I guessing, that I can add a Kirbytext-Tag for emojis with custom-css, but I need to find out.

So, what is your suggestion? What are you using?

Thank you!


I guess you could simply add a text field and insert the unicode emoji — Windows 8 and 10 has an emoji picker, and macOS too. According to http://caniemoji.com/ most browsers can view emoji.

On a client project I would probably create a custom field with something like https://missive.github.io/emoji-mart/.

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Oh, I never recognized, that there is a emoji-picker on Windows. :man_facepalming:

Just for reference, if someone like me :roll_eyes: does not know:
Windows 8.1: use the onscreen-keyboard
Windows 10: Win+. (dot)
Ubuntu 18.04 (only in GTK-apps): context-menu
MacOS: Command-Control-Spacebar

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