Pictures WYSIWYG

Hey guys,

we are looking for a way that customers who you this awesome plugin can arrange their pictures.

So, they click on a picture and the same menu like the one for texts appears. With some Kirby-related options like width, floating and so on.

Is something out there that would help?

I haven’t heard of any such field for Kirby yet.

I also think it can be a bit dangerous to support that much WYSIWYG-ness in a site, that quickly becomes pretty messy and inconsistent.

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What you would probably get is something horrible like Wordpress pages where users arrange content at will …:smirk:

If you want to add more flexibility, you could use the builder plugin and allow different pre-built building blocks. That way, you keep absolute control while giving the user different options to arrange content.


I don’t like it either. It gets messy real quick :slightly_smiling:

But I had to ask and it is good, that the answer is no :wink:

I will take a look into the builder plugin. Looks quite good. Thanks a lot.