Which license should I buy?

I started testing Kirby and so far it seems that it might meet my needs.

What I am not sure is which license I will need to buy.

What counts as “personal”? I am doing the website for myself and I do not own a company, it is not an e-commerce site, but it will have some Google AdSense ads on it so hopefully I will be making some money from it.

Another relevant question:
The Pro License comes with “Personal email support”. How good/fast is this support? I read somewhere that Kirby is just one developer and the support you get will depend on how much free time he has. Is this true? What is your experience?

If you make money with your website in any way, even through small ads - professional license is for you.

I have a pro license and I already used e-mail support few times, I’d say I’m satisfied, the answer time was up to 24-48h max.

I can confirm this, personal email support, if needed, is usually very fast, but with the new forum in place, and so many great people here preferring to write extensions instead of their Master Thesis or whatever ;), email support is probably only necessary in exceptional cases.


guilty, I admit it :laughing:


What about sites for charities, schools or religious organizations that are not personal, yet not commercial either?

Unfortunately, the license page is not very specific on that, and @bastianallgeier should have the last say. From what I know from other CMS’s, non-profit organizations, churches etc. would fall into the professional license category.