What are advantages of buying Kirby?

I just discovered Kirby two days ago and I am testing it, I really begin fall in love with since it is easy to manage and it fills my needs, but I am still using free trial I want to know what are the advantages of buying a licence of KIRBY and while it gives a plus for the version I have?

There is no difference between the trial version and the “licensed” version at all. But buying a license is not optional. Kirby is commercial software, that means: You have to buy a license as soon as you put your Kirby project on a public server.

The free trial is just for testing purposes, although you can test Kirby locally/on a development server for as long as you want. If you use Kirby on a public domain without a valid license, that is a breach of the license agreement.

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Jump it to also add that you’ll need to buy a license for each project, not only one for you as a developer.

@manuelmoreale Thanks for adding this clarification.

And since we are at it, let me add that in most cases, you need a PRO license. The personal license is for hobbyist websites with no financial interest.

@texnixe i guess showing up what am able to and publish a list of my works is defined as personal usage right ?

@OwElko From what I’ve seen so far, you claim to be a company, then I think you need a PRO license. The purpose of your website is to find clients and make money, after all, isn’t it?

But this is my understanding of the licenses, please contact @bastianallgeier when in doubt.


Another advantage to buy a Kirby License is to sustain the Kirby team. If you support the team, you ensure that Kirby will grow over the long term.

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