Is Kirby Starterkit for free?

Hey guys,
I’m making a website with kerby since few days. Now I clicked on “buy” on the kerby homepage to see what they offer and read there is a privte license.
So the starterkit is a demo and if I want to upload my project I have to buy a license, do I understand it correctly?

You can test Kirby for free, but if you want to put your Kirby based website online, you have to buy a license.

There are two licenses available:

  • The pro license is the right license for almost everyone. It applies to websites that are intended to make money directly or indirectly, be it a blog with advertising, a portfolio page intended to find clients, a shop, a company website, to name a few examples.

  • The personal license is intended for purely personal websites, e.g. a hobbyist site about cats, a family homepage, your CV.

Thank you for your answer. But what about… I even dont know the english word for… an organisation who care about poor people. In german its a “gemeinnütziger Verein”. Something like “charity organisation”? They dont make money but they collect donations.

@PierreDole: Please send an email to, giving details about the organization.