When to use personal vs. commercial licence

Could I get a more precise definition of whether a project needs a commercial vs. a personal licence?

What does a website need to require commercial?

  • Does it need to be a company website?
  • Is a company page that only presents the company without offering any services any different?
  • Does it have to be selling something?

I would probably buy a commercial license in this case. Is it a personal website? Probably not. Then it’s a commercial one, as I see it.

Maybe the website does not sell anything, but it may be a good commercial for the company that generates money later.

Kirby is at a lower price today and tomorrow so you can save some money to buy it now.

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Check out this post, it has been discussed several times: Which license is for which purpose?

Basically, there are hardly any websites that qualify as personal, something like a hobbyist site or maybe even a CV.

Everything else that has the intention of finding customers - even if not directly selling anything - can be regarded as commercial, as well as website that display ads.

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Thanks for the clarification @texnixe. I’ll mark this as solved. Maybe worth editing the “Buy” section of the website to avoid the confusion?

I have created an issue on GitHub.

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BTW: I’d regard http://www.unanailleurs.com as a personal website (can’t see anything commercial or business-like in it).

And it’s running a personal licence so we’re all good on that front :slight_smile:. I was asking the question for future projects and will probably end up buying a handful of licences to take advantage of the sale! BTW, is that going to be a recurring sale for every release or is it just to say sorry for taking so long to release 2.3? :wink:

We can’t promise that yet. Better buy the licenses now. :wink:

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Kirby 2.2.3 came with a discount as well, Kirby 2.2 did not; sometimes there are discounts at holiday times. So you can’t count on it but there’s always a chance, a bit like playing lottery …

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