Commercial and private use - the difference?

Hello together,

today I have no technical question. It’s more about a licence question and I hope someone can help me.

My website will be a mix of personal information (inclusive a cv and so on) and a blog with different topics. Which licence will I need? e.g. for Kirby

Also I search for one or two fonts which are great for my use case. Often there are also commercial and private licence. But which one is the right one for me?



I think if your blog is not in any way intended to make money through ads or to find clients if you are a freelancer, then your case is probably one of the rare cases where a personal license would apply.

I’d call commerical when there is any intend to gain money in any way.

if this is more like a CV showing what experience you have then i’d assume it’s personal.
If you are seeing new customers e.g. you did this and that project and you claim you are free for hire, thats professional…

In germany in terms of private or professsional i have often heared that private is, when you are helping out a friend or neighbour (even if you get a little money), but once the person you are helping out is a not so close friend, it’s professional…

Actually I don’t plan to be a freelancer or so. There is no portfolio planned or something like that.

The blog don’t have any ads and the topics are more about the things which I actually learn, what I’m reading or something about walking tours - more personal things with no commercial background.

The cv is more planned like an extended information about my person and my way.

If that’s the case, then a personal license will do. You will have to update if that changes at any time.

As regards the fonts, you will have to read the license terms of the font foundries. Private and professional/commercial are not always used in the same way. Whenever in doubt, it is certainly better to ask then to risk a license breach.

After searching for two good fonts I hae decided to use some of Google Fonts with the @import function.

Thanks again for all the help.