Which licence for an event registration site?

Hello, the question is:

What licence is the right one for a website, on which you can sign up for an event?
There is only a form for your registration data, but no payment infos nor payment itself.
The registrations are saved in a database, that’s all the site is for…

If the registered entrants actually want to participate on the event, they will have to pay an entry fee.
The fee is NOT payed with use of the website; there is no payment over the website.
Further, there is to say, that even if the fee is payed, it is only used to pay for the location where the event will be located.

So, do I need a commercial licence or am I good to go with a personal one?

Thanks in advance!

It doesn’t matter if the site collects money or not directly, you are promoting a commercial event, so you will definitely need a professional license.

Personal licenses are only personal, not for businesses, i.e. for your personal hobby site or something similar.

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Thanks for the answer.

What defines a commercial event?

I’m not really sure about this business thing…
It is a private video gaming event for which the registration form and infos about the event both will be made with Kirby.

I guess I have not read your post until the end :worried:, I’m afraid.

So if this is just a private event not intended to make money, not even indirectly, i.e. intended to win customers, I guess a private license will do.

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Ouh, okay. :smiley: But I’m still not sure about the event and I forgot to inform you about the following.

The money the entrants pay is used for only these two things:

  1. Renting the location where the event is located
  2. And the pot (i.e. 1st place: 50% out of the pot, 2nd 30% out of the pots, etc)

We are not selling anything. We don’t make money with the event. We’re not even providing the location, because it’s rented by us.
Taken as a whole, I would say we are just organizing the event.

If you really want to be an the safe side, send a mail to @bastianallgeier. But I would regard what you tell us above as qualifying for a private license.

Hi! I have a question about that, too:
I want to use kirby for a customer, when purchasing a license/ordering details, do I have to enter my or the customer’s contact details?

In the end it doesn’t really matter, but generally we recommend to purchase the license for the person or company that uses Kirby at the end (which is the client in your case).

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