License question

I will need to build a little website for a property manager. (not a real estate).
This website will be used as a profesionnal blog to display resumes of general meetings and some randoms informations to the joint owners (aproximatively about 10/years).
I think appropriate license is a pro license, but would need a confirmation.
Thank you.

I’d say definitely a Pro license.

Yep. Because the site is used to make money with, a Pro license is required.

Nop, Website is not made to make money. It is made to inform a group of owners about past and futurs meetings/reunion of co-owners. It is a simple blog used by a professionnal agency. There are nothing for sale, nothing for estimation.

It will be something like this:

  • In last reunion / date(…) / we spock about …
  • In futur reunion / date (…) / we will speack about…

Displayed throught blog posts

I anderstand it is a bit confusing, that’s why I’ve prefered ask.


I still think this doesn’t qualify as a personal website, but a company website, no matter if it sells anything or not. But this licensing stuff is difficult.

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“To make money with” is not just restricted to sites where stuff is sold. Any site of a commercial company is a commercial site. In this case the agency uses the site for advertising to their existing customers – which is a commercial use-case.

In the Kirby Starterkit we have a nice flowchart for this, which is a good starting point.

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