Which extensions would you recommend for building catalog-type website?

Hi, I’m going to build a website with around 100 products (no store - just catalog) with the possibility to sort those products via attributes and categories, is this easy to do on Kirby? Or maybe would you guys recommend another CMS? Thanks

Yes, of course you can do something like this in Kirby without any problems. In fact, Kirby offers a lot of flexibility to do that.

There are several ways to achieve this with Kirby, and the best implementation depends on your use case. You can, for example, have a flat structure, where categories and other attributes are added via fields, or you could put products into category subfolders etc.

As regards extensions, that would depend on the details of your implementation. Without a shop, you probably would not necessarily need any extensions at all, but there might be some that would help to structure your content or to create individual building blocks of your site, like the Patterns or Modules plugins, or the Kirby page builder.