Pre sales question

Hello to all :blush:
I have a new project, but do not want to use WordPress and I thought to buy Kirby.
I would have one question:

  1. My project is a blog, a “mini-magazine”, what I need is a management categories, sub-categories and tags. This is possible with Kirby?
    Thanks so much!

You can build whatever you like with Kirby and certainly a blog is no problem at all. You are free to define all the fields you need to filter/categorize content yourself, there is no limitation at all.

Also, you can try Kirby for free and test if it fits your needs, before you buy a license.

You can also check out the projects that have been realized with Kirby in this forum or on the website.

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I was asking myself the same question before using kirby a few months ago, and SUR you can do what you want with Kirby :wink:

Hi fabio and welcome to the kirby forums!

as taxing already said kirby allows you to do everything you need. Though Here is a list of default fields provided by kirby.

As you can see kirby provides fields for checkboxes and tags. Therefore a taxonomy structure with categories and tags is no Problem at all! :slight_smile:

If you want to create sub-categories though you might run into some limitations since “levels” are not supported by checkboxes out of the box. Also adding categories later on might be a problem for you. But you can work around these limitations in a couple of ways:

  • create a new field for nested checkboxes (advanced)
  • create a new tree for your categories with multiple levels and use a checkboxes field to add pages to the categories, this can also be done Vice Versa (good if you want to add new categories later on).
  • use a structured field…
  • … many more ways! its up to you :smile:

Great! :grinning:

Thank you very much