Definitive complete tutorial for Categories (taxonomy) needed

I am having difficulty putting together exactly how to use Kirby to implement a complete working solution for Categories taxonomy. All cookbook docs on Kirby website fall short by not going far enough (implementing only the most basic and therefore least useful approach), or leaving out key parts required to implement. ie: Tags are NOT the same as Categories, so why trying to substitute one for the other when creating documentation?

Additionally, when doing other searches through the forum to get other help- I am finding mostly older posts that reference many broken links, so I am not finding info that way. Are you not parsing forums for broken links and either redirecting to new URL’s or removing the links altogether?

The websites I am looking to create with Kirby depend so heavily on a taxonomy structure that if Kirby cannot provide a workable solution, it’s of no use for what I need to do.

Why aren’t taxonomies covered more in your documentation and tutorials? And I don’t mean bare minimum ~6 flat predefined categories of a gallery in your video examples. But something like being able to create and edit entire category trees and handle content assigned to such.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

If you are looking for something like handling taxonomies WP-style with a separate view where you can create and move categories between different levels etc., then Kirby is probably not the right solution, unless you create a plugin that does this stuff.

There are of course out-of-the-box ways to create category trees with structure fields, and query the field to actually assign such categories. But whether that is sufficient for your use case I cannot say without more details of what you actually need. Particularly in a multi-language context this might fall short.

So Kirby cannot handle any type of proper taxonomy then? Should really be something built in to it’s core really.

I will ditch it then and move on to evaluating other CMS’s.