What is @fabianmichael going to do?

Jens you really went all out with the emojis, I love it :smile_cat:
I seriously can’t wait to see what @fabianmichael is cooking! :taco:
I have been following some of his work with a lot of interest… :eyeglasses:


haha, we should introduce “best use of emoji” badges in the forum. You’d definitely earn it.


I’m Danish and we love our Scandinavian neighbors although our language is a tad more comparable to Norwegian actually. But yes we’re quite famous for swearing (“Fuck” is just as common here as “Ooops”), which is why I’ve cut totally down on just that - but languages and expressions in general is so terrible nuanced and can easily get completely messed up, imagine how much time and detailed information is actually getting lost in translation, not to mention how unintelligent people can unintentionally seem when it goes wrong and the communication is the only measurement for just that. An international communication device (called a smartphone) has been placed in our hands. Now we just have to learn actually being able to communicate through it. en_US, by law, by tomorrow people :pray: :smile:

Alright enough of my preach about languages, I’m happy that the mistake above got worked out.

I’m very excited to see @fabianmichael on the team, I’m sure he’ll work some great magic like the rest of you! :unicorn: