AAA Kirby developer wanted

I’m looking for a kirby developer for a 10-to-12 days project.
The developer will work in team (remotly of course) with a couple of other developers.
The project is about an italian dialect on line dictionary (but knowing italian is not required).

Let me know if someone is interested (maybe @jimbobrjames or @texnixe or someone you may suggest?) just let me know by replying to this topic or dm me.

Thank you


Hey @hvsrmusic thanks for the thought, I appreciate it! Unfourtunatly I am fully booked up at the moment. Maybe @manuelmoreale or @thguenther or @adamkiss or @nilshoerrmann can help.

Hey there,
I am not a Kirby-Expert but I have quite a lot experience now due to a recent web-project. But yeah, still junior ;). So if you still need support and my experience level could fit, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Thanks to all the guys that replied here or dm me. It’s always a pleasure to see how the Kirby community is strong and reactive. The job is taken, so please consider this offer closed.

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