Job wanted: Looking for a Kirby coder?

Dear community,

Since I’m right in the middle between my studies and a full-time job, I got some time but less money. Hence, I am looking for a few coding jobs and was wondering if there is any need around the Kirby community (preferably from the D-A-CH region)?

I’d say that I’m pretty familiar with Kirby, have done a few projects with it and worked a bit on its core.

Some glimpse at webdesign: and - sadly realized with WordPress since the customer preferred it (they didn’t know better). And less visual but realized with Kirby: . Ah and of course (tho unfinished, especially mobile-wise)

So if you might have a job, please let me know! :wink:

Otherwise, I still appreciate every bit of support people share with me for my free Kirby plugins: - I’ll be working on the plugins (and new ones!) over the next weeks now that I’m back from vacation.

Finally, I am really glad to see how vivid the Kirby community has become and it seems to be further growing :smile: :+1:


I have studied and coded with Nico before and would like to add that he is not only a great web developer with an eye for design but also an incredibly nice person to work with. We ran a research conference together for two years during that time I learned to very much appreciate his idea-driven approach towards solving complex problems.

Work with him if you get a chance and need anything kirby-related done.

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I am looking for Kirby Developer. I want someone who can complete my project.

Thank you.

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Hi @shalaneja,
Better to create a new topic in Jobs - Kirby
My initial post is from 6 years ago, so things have changed quite a bit and not really available at the moment.