Available for your next Kirby project

Just porting over my old “Job Board” post to the new forum.

Hi guys,

I just want to let you know, that I’m always looking for new awesome Kirby projects to work on.

I have worked with Kirby (version 1 & 2) a lot and built several website projects using it. I also created quite a list of custom plugins and themes for my previous clients.

My latest (open-source) project is getkirby-plugins.com. It’s a (of course Kirby based) list of all available Kirby plugins and extensions. Since all of the code is open source, feel free to visit its Github repository and have a look at my code quality.

Get to know me

Some of my work

I’d be more then happy to get in touch with you.

Let’s talk Kirby!

Hi DieserJonas,

I’m in need of a web designer/developer to help me get a basic site off the ground. Are you interested? You can look at my post in the job section for more information.


Hi @Jesper,

Sounds interesting. Would you mind dropping me a message to hello@jd-powered.net so we can talk about it?

Cheers Jonas

Hallo, da ich das hier gerade sehe: Kirby-Entwickler gesucht

Wäre ab 2016 Zeit da? :smile: