Weird (panel) behaviour after webhoster change

Hello! I recently changed my Kirby 2 project to a different webhoster (netcup). I simply copied the data over and it pretty much worked. Accept from some weird issues regarding the panel.

For instance, ever since the migration the panel shows no icons (see screenshot). Not a big deal but probably a hint to what the problem could be?

I also can´t upload images anymore (huge problem). If I click the UPLOAD button (Hinzufügen) nothing happens. It loads the URL “… panel/pages/index/edit#upload” but with no effect.

BTW: I´m a total beginner and yes, I tried to solve the issue by putting many hours in research but couldn´t find anything helpful. So I´m hoping you can give me a push in the right direction.

Do you get any errors in your browser console?

@pixelijn Thanks for your quick reply.

Do you mean the JS console? Then this is what I get:

Which Kirby 2 version are you using?

I wonder if an error occured while uploading the files, at least there seems to be some stuff not being loaded.