File viewer on Panel is different locally compared to hosted version

Hello! I am a first time kirby user and am very close to handing off a project. Its an online magazine - there are issues and every issue (a page) has images.

I have a local version and a hosted test version that the client is using to get familiar with the Panel. Today I noticed that the local Panel lists all files correctly, while the hosted version seems to show only a few. The files actually exist on the server (I check via the cPanel - I am using Namecheap).

On the left is how the local version looks (correct) and on the right is how the hosted version looks for exactly the same Page):

Any help would be very much appreciated!


Are there any errors in the console? What does the source code look like? It’s a bit strange that the filename and its icon are not on the same line. Are other images of other pages listed correctly? Is there any pattern regarding when images are shown or not?

Hi all, huge thanks for your help! I found out that upgrading to PHP version 7.1 on the server did the trick!

Glad you solved it but I doubt that the PHP version was the reason for the issue.

You are right.
I think that my main issue is this: and upgrading PHP version fixed the filename/icon alignment issue but I still run into trouble when I upload/delete/replace an image.

To solve that I commented out all the $this->page()->removeThumbs(); calls, but I know thats a silly hack. Ideas?