Cannot access panel via XAMPP? / Images won't load?

Hi everyone!

A friend of mine suggested Kirby to me to gain first experience with a project that is more than just HTML and CSS and so far I’m really sold on it! However I have two problems:
I’m running Kirby locally via XAMPP, downloaded the plainkit and followed the tutorials on YouTube to get familiar with it but two things won’t work as demonstrated: First, images won’t load although I put them into the corresponding content files as shown and second I can’t access panel by just adding /panel to the URL. The notification I’m getting is just:

This page is currently offline due to an unexpected error. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and will fix it as soon as possible.

However I really am stuck what I might have been missing so far. Or are these features simply not accessible when just playing around with the plainkit locally?

I’m thankful for every bit of help and advise!

The error is usually telling you some code is not right. What you are seeing is a friendly error page for visitors when it shows “This page is currently offline…”. Enable debugging:

That will show you precisely what is causing the issue for you to investigate further.

Everything is available.

Thanks for the quick reply! Enabled debugging, it tells me that “The session storage directory “/opt/lampp/htdocs/Kirby/Demo/site/sessions” is not writable”. Do you have any idea, how to fix this?

Also, considering the problem with the not loading images: Theres no error shown there, it simply only gives the designated alt instead, although the images are saved in the folders and written in the code as demonstrated. Any idea, what that issue might be?

I don’t use XAMMP so not entirely sure how it is setup but the message appears quite clear. You need to change the site/sessions folder to be writable, permissions 755 I suspect.

Alright, thanks, could solve the non-accessible panel by switching every single file from htdocs on to “writeable” manually, thanks for the tip! One problem solved, let’s see what new ones lie ahead. Thanks al lot! :smiley:

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