Kirby 3.6 panel issue

This is what I see when I go to the panel.
Locally, my panel works fine.

How do I figure out what goes on?
The old kirby panel works, but anytime I go to the new one, it’s this problem.

I removed the media folder,…

Interesting, do you use a custom Panel stylesheet? Does the markup itself look normal in dev tools? The login page still looks normal…

Didn’t do any custom stylesheet for the panel. In localhost everything looks normal. Im so confused.

For me your Panel login page looks normal!

Try clearing your browser cache.

Your page appears normal to me as long as I do not block the stylesheets. Check with your browser the network traffic and you might find that these files are blocked. Maybe this is because you open your site non-https. Note also the warning at the bottom of my screenshot. You should never enter confidential information in formular fields which are served non-https:

I cleared my browser cache and the problem remained.
Today when I visit the page, all seems fixed.
Must have been hosting caching?