V2 Kirby, getting the panel set up

Hi all, hope your all well, I’m just asking to find out why I am unable to get access to the panel. Im helping a friend set this up, and we have downloaded the starter pack, I uploaded everything as instructed, but when trying to get access to the panel Alli get is a blank page and nothing. Yes I have ensured that the .htaccess file has been uploaded properly, I even deleted it and got a fresh new one from GitHub and uploaded that but still no luck in accessing the panel.

If you haven’t installed the Panel locally yet before uploading to a remote server, you have to allow it in your config.


A blank page might be pointing to other issues though, so please set debug to true in your config and check the server requirements (PHP version and extensions) in the documentation.

Hi, thank you for a reply, so best plan is it set everything up locally, with the panel (which when I set it up locally it worked) once I get it all working there do I then upload that folder to the live server and it should work? As I tried the setting panel true and nothing happened unless I did it wrong

This is what should go into the config.php to install the Panel on the server:

c::set('panel.install', true);

But I have a feeling that if you get a blank page instead of a notification that there’s something else not correct. As I said above, make sure that the server fulfills all requirements.

But in any case, developing on a remote server doesn’t make much sense. So I would set everything up locally and then deploy when finished.

Hi there,

Another query, can a V2 Theme work with V3 Kirby?


Not out of the box, quite a few things have changed and it would therefore require some updates, see the upgrade guide.

Also, it depends on whether or not that theme uses any plugins.


I love how quick the replies come, this is class, okay so I have done a fresh upload of V3, and added the panel.install true to the correct config file, situated in the site folder, but still not getting images or access to the panel? and I do believe that all the requirements on the server are correct to accpet this cms system


Could you post your config.php file, please? Is the media folder writable?

<?php return [ 'debug' => true, ]; c::set('panel.install', true); This is al thatis in the config file

Oh, you are mixing Kirby 2 and Kirby 3 syntax here. Your config should look like this:

return [
  'debug' => true,
  'panel' =>[
    'install' => true

okay I added that but still no access to panel or images ont he homepage, the site url is this http://flaxartstudios.org/ cuz obviously now im going to be using V3, the V2 theme they have chosen wont work without extra work to get it to work, ill chat to them about looking into getting a v3 theme, as im helping them get this set up, im just at a loss as what to do.

sorry for this hassle

Hm, it’s not only images not working, also subpages are not accessible. Have you copied the .htaccess file to the server? If yes, makes sure that rewriting is enables.

Hi, yes the .htaccess file is there so am i making sure that the .htaccess file is writable or am i going through all the files and folders and manually setting them to be writable?

The .htaccess must not be writable. There could one or more of several issues:

  1. The .htaccess file is ignored. You can check if it is read at all by putting some gibberish into it. The homepage should then fail as well. If the start page fails after this test, undo your changes again.
  2. You might have to set the RewriteBase in the .htaccess file to /
  3. Rewriting is not enabled on the server at all. Check with phpinfo()

AHA!!! woohoo got it working, sweet thank you sooooooooo much, setting the RewriteBase to / has worked thank you again

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