The panel cannot be installed on the server

Hi, I wrote the other posts about the installation of the panel in a remote server but after installing locally via composer a plain kit that works fine and cloned all folders and files in the server and installed Kirby with this command:

php kirby panel:install

when I opened the panel the same message was “The panel cannot be installed”. I try to look for the config.php file in the Kirby folder installation /site/config/config.php but I don’t have a config folder in my installation.

So I can’t enable it with the panel.install option.


panel. install is only needed if you want to install the panel on a remote server. You have to add a config file first in that case.

Thanks, where did I put it? In the root folder? Why I don’t have one in my local installation?

A Plainkit is really bare-bones and doesn’t come with a config file. config.php goes into /site/config/.

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