Panel cannot be installed / Panel LogIn is not provided (ftp-server)

Hi, today I have uploaded the starterkit to my ftp-server the first time. Unfortunaly I can´t provide the panel page under “”.
But the rest of the website is available and complete(!) The invisible files
.htaccess, .gitignore and .editorconfig has been uploaded correctly.

I GET THIS NOTICE: “Panel cannot be installed”

So far I have checked following:

a) site/config/confi.php

return [
‘debug’ => true,

b) access rights to folder “site” and “config”
→ 750

c) renaming “config.php” to “” (a/b test)

d) FTP-Server runs on http not https (Certificate is not updated yet)

Does anyone have an idea why it does not work?
What should I check first?


Have you created users before uploading to the remote server? By default, you cannot install the Panel on a remote server, which is a security measure. But you can enable it in your config:

Hi texnixe,

thanks for Your answer. Sorry, I haven´t created “users”. How does it work? Nothing found in the documentation to this important issue. Can I modify “users” in my ftp directory after installation as well? Is there a specified order to do this, e.g. before uploading?

It´s just a test installation - why is it so user-unfriendly to start with kirby?


Usually you start with Kirby in a local development environment and create your first user when you open your.domain/panel on localhost. This is disabled on remote servers, because otherwise, anyone could create the first user and thus take control over your site. Therefore you have to explicitely allow it in your config file and then actually create the user.

It’s all explained in the docs: Get up and running | Kirby CMS


the panel problem has been fixed… It´s very important to check the php-code exactly! I haven´t seen the difference between this two versions:

  1. Code for config-php (Panel Installation on FTP)
return [
  'panel' =>[
    'install' => true


  1. “Default” code-snippet from installation package
    (admin panel won´t be provided on ftp-server)

return [
‘debug’ => true,

More Infos here: [Allow the Panel to be installed on a remote server]
(panel | Kirby CMS)

It is recommended to remove the panel.install setting again after you have installed the first user.

On a side note: all config settings go into one return array:

return [
  'setting1' => 'something',
  'setting2' => 'something-else',
  // etc.

Never add multiple return statements.