Can't create first account



Hi. I’m trying to create the first account on my Website. I installed kirby by drag and drop via FTP. When I go to “panel” to create a user (so the first one, admin) I only see the login panel, as if there was already a user. The same thing happens to me if I install Kirby on MAMP. What am I doing wrong? Thank you!



write in your site/config/config.php

// Allow panel installation
c::set('panel.install', true);

after install
// Allow panel installation
c::set(‘panel.install’, false);


Hey Tylerlumen, thank you for the fast reply. The command is already present in the file at line 29.


You say you did it via drag and drop via FTP… did you get your FTP program to show invisible files? Maybe something got missed…


Jup. I also tried MAMP. The htaccess file is visible


Can I see a point before “true”?


Sure but you can also miss these files if you dont have invisibles showing on your file system when you move the files into MAMP.


Are you sure there is no user account in site/accounts?


Hi texnixe. Yes. There was a “demo” user in the “shuffle” template.
facepalm :man_facepalming:
I deleted it and everything’s working fine now. Thank you all for your quick answers! Have a nice weekend