Admin Access lost

Hey! So unfortunately, the employee who was taking care of our website has now left. He had admin account to our site and left his login credentials however, these are not working. I need to create an admin account so that we can post posts and all. Do note that I am not at all a technical person so I need real detailed support if possible as otherwise I will be completely lost.


You will need FTP access. You just need to transfer the site/accounts folder down to your computer as backup. Then delete all of the contents of the accounts folder on the server, including any hidden files, but leave the index.html file there.

Then immediately visit and create the admin account. Do not wait to do that! Until you do, anyone can.

I hope that makes sense. Come back and talk to us again if you get stuck :slight_smile: We are a helpful bunch.

Since you can’t install the Panel on a public server, you will have to first allow that in your /site/config/config.php file after having deleted the existing accounts as described by @jimbobrjames.

Unfortunately, you haven’t told us what Kirby version you are using, because the syntax is different between Kirby 2 and Kirby 3.

In Kirby 3, you have to have to add the following code in this config file:

return [
  'panel' =>[
    'install' => true

(do not add this in addition to an existing return array, but only the inner part within the return [] array).

In Kirby 2 the equivalent would be

c::set('panel.install', true);

Remove these settings again after you have successfully created a new admin account.

I forgot one other thing - if you have a few accounts in the account folder, you can put them back (except the one for the person who just left of course!) up from the back up you did, which will save you having to recreate them. That works for Kirby 2, but ive not tried with Kirby 3 - should work i think :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the quick help I really appreciate it @jimbobrjames and @texnixe. I think it’s kirby v2. Also I unfortunately do not understand what you are asking me to do… I understand the part of going to the website URL to create the admin account :slight_smile: However, I do not knwo where I am suppose to find those folders you mention or how to allow what I am suppose to allow…

Do you have access to the server at all? Usually, you should have an account with a web hosting service? Do you have the account data for the hosting service? There you can find how you can access your server and if you don’t have the FTP credentials, you can set a new password.


Thanks again. Just so you know I am checking on my side how to move forward. I know we are hosting our website using Digital Ocean so I will contact them first in order to see how I can make the changes you are referring to.