Trouble Upgrading from v1: Error without a useful message

Trying to upgrade a site from kirby 1 I now get this error message:

Panel Error:

Error without a useful message :frowning:

It happened here:
File: /panel/app/src/panel/models/page/blueprint.php
Line: 85

Find more info on:

So I guess it’s something about my blueprints - but does anyone have an idea what exactly it might be. What should I look at or for … ?

Hi @bivisual,
What was your process for upgrading?
Can you describe the steps you took? Did you by any chance follow the official guide?

Hm, from the line in the blueprint.php, it seems there is a default.php blueprint file missing? (I never used the panel with Kirby 1, though).

@Thiousi Yes, I followed the guide. I don’t think that I’ve missed a step.
Thanx @texnixe I will have a look for a missing blueprint file.

Thanx again @texnixe, found the error. I didn’t move the blueprints folder.
The old structure was /site/panel/blueprints vs /site/blueprints

Now on to the new multi language part …

That part shouldn’t be too hard.
Once you’ve configured your languages in your config file, start by adding the language extension to all your .txt files (you can do this in a batch)
Then you’ll be able to create the other languages straight in the panel if you haven’t got the content for them already.
If you need any help along the road, the forum will always be there for you (and @texnixe most of all).