Update problem: Kirby 2.0.5 to 2.1.1

Hi all,

I just tried to update from Kirby 2.0.5 to 2.1.1 following the described method:

Manual updates

Kirby has two updatable components: The kirby folder and the panel folder.
The most straight forward way to update is to fetch the latest ZIP file fromhttp://download.getkirby.com and just replace those two folders on your server.

Cleaning the cache

If you’ve got caching enabled, you might need to clean the cache entirely to be sure nothing breaks. Just delete all contents from /site/cache in order to do so.

The site works fine but when I try to log into the panel (the login screen shows up, I enter user and password, this works) I instantly get an error message popup:

It seems to me the problem is somehow related to the font “fontawesome” as far as I can read the error message… Does anybody has an idea on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Have you checked your server error logs? What does it report if anything?

Hi texnixe,

I just opened the panel again, got the error message and checked the error log on the server. Here is the report:

Any idea about what causes the error?

Thanks and all the best,

Hi all,

I uploaded the ‘panel’ folder Kirby 2.1.1 again, then cleared the Cache after the upload… It works now! Seems there was something wrong with the FTP upload in the first place. Sorry for the help request and thanks for your help anyway. :+1:

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Unfortunately not everything is fine as I thought :frowning:

The panel works fine but when I try to save changes in pages, meaning pressing the ‘Save’-button, I get a blank page and the content changes are not saved… I didn’t have this issue before the update, all the content changes were saved without a problem via the panel.

Here a screenshot of the server log:

What I checked so far:

  • No multiple language support code activated in the config file
  • No xx.en.xx pages in the content folders

With Kirby 2.0.5 everything worked fine. Is this a mbstring issue, means that my hosting provider can’t support Kirby 2.1.1?

.htaccess Rewrite-Rules are active in my package…

Thanks for some idea where the problem is located in advance.

All the best,

A missing mbstring extension usually results in the field names being truncated, you will then get a text file like this:


Is that what you get or no files saved at all?

The error message does not tell much and does not point to a specific problem.
One thing you could try: Install a fresh copy of Kirby 2.1.1 on your server to make sure you didn’t forget any files and that your code can’t be the issue.

A new page is possible to add from the panel, I tried this. It just doesn’t take the content text but the file is created. The created file like this:

Title: testpage





Need to try this the next days and see how the panel behaves on a fresh copy. Thanks.

All the best, Felix

It was another error in the FTP-upload of the panel folder… :frowning:
Next update I will definitely check the FTP-upload first. Didn’t got any error message when I uploaded…

Works now, thanks all (also Bastian!) for the help!