Kirby Update -> Panel Error

Hello there,

since i updated to Kirby 2.4.0 then panel dosen’t work anymore. Even i restored the two folders “kirby” and “panel” from version 2.3.2, the problems remain.

This is the error message:
Panel Error:

Missing default blueprint

It happened here:
File: /panel/app/src/panel/models/page/blueprint.php
Line: 85

in my development environment i have the following structure:

On site.php i have this:

<?php $kirby = kirby(); $kirby->roots->site = '..\MASTER\site'; It all went well until the update. Now i can see and use the normal website, but not the panel... the default.yml alreday exists. Does somebody has any idea? Thanks, Marc

If it doesn’t work even after restoring to 2.3.2, it can’t be the update. Have you verified that you actually have a default blueprint in site/blueprints?

You’re right. It’s not the Update. There was something wrong with the paths.
First i worked with an absolute path (/MASTER/site) and then with (…/MASTER/site).
Now i found the solution, the command “$kirby->roots->site = ‘…/…/MASTER/site’;” is correct, although my directory structure is

Thanks for your input, it helps often to go one or two steps back. :slight_smile: