Missing default blueprint

hey there, i recently upgraded from 2.2.1 to the latest version and followed the usual instructions.

mostly everything works apart from my actual ability to blog! :slight_smile:

when i click on blog i get - ‘Missing default blueprint’ on the left side where the panel would be. i’ve done a few searches, read the docs, etc but i’m pretty confused by everything if i’m honest. i’ve not had time to learn the structure.

i guess i’m looking for this default blueprint for blog but i don’t see anything missing as such in blueprint/templates…

any ideas?

ps. … i’m using Manila 1.2.0 by Empyre


Is there a default.php/default.yml template in /site/blueprints? What is Manila, a Kirby theme?

manila is a kirby theme yes. i’ll double check the folder and get back to you.

nope. neither of them, so that’s why it’s broken! :slight_smile:

ok, guess it will be in the download right?


ok fixed for now! :slight_smile: