Tinymce and tables plugin conflict

I’m fairly new to Kirby I’ve been using the tables Table field | Kirby CMS, field successfully. I recently installed the tinymce editor but now all instances of the table field show the error “table field doesn’t exist. As soon as I remove the tiny mice plugin it works again. Any ideas?

Since the TinyMcs Editor is a paid plugin, I cannot test the co-existence with the Table field.

Are you using both plugins in the same page? Could you post your blueprint?

Ping @ahmetbora, as the developer of Tinymce, could you try to reproduce the issue please?

Thank you @texnixe for pinging me.

@nuvoman I don’t know why, but the @babel/polyfill library we used in TinyMCE was conflicting with the table field. We fixed the issue and released the new version as 1.1.0. We have sent notifications to your e-mail addresses. Please let me know from here or via support@clicktonext.com if you have any issue. Thanks for report.

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Thanks for looking into it, @ahmetbora!

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That works perfect now. Great support. Thanks so much for looking into this and resolving so quickly.

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