Kirby-tinymce not working

i am using like this:

title: Product

        type: tinymce

and panel showing
The field type “footer” does not exist

plugin url :

Is your indentation correct? Make sure you use two spaces per indentation level.

Yes syntax is correct.
i tried with there sample also.

  label: Text
  type: tinymce
    - work in progress
  menubar: format help
  toolbar: bold italic anchor

The plugin hasn’t seen any updates for 2 years and the readme says “it’s in its early development stages”. So it probably just doesn’t work with the current Kirby version (anymore).

Consider using the new blocks field for a visual approach.

This plugin cannot possibly work, it doesn’t have a main index.js and its src/index.js registers a view instead of a field while the index.php registers a field.

So: don’t use.

Can you suggest me possible alternatives for tinymce editor.

If you need something visual, use the blocks/layout field.

Other than that, there is only the textarea field for long form text, or the markdown field plugin: