Editor on Kirby 3.2.5

Hi Guys

I am using the Kirby 3.2.5 Starter Kit since a few days and found https://github.com/getkirby/editor which I really like to use for my project, but as soon as I enable the editor in ./site/blueprints/pages/note.yml it shows the below error message.

The field type "text" does not exist

Here is how I installed the plugin.

  1. Source code downloaded from https://github.com/getkirby/editor
  2. Source code copied into ./site/plugins/editor
  3. The plugin enabled with the blueprint ./site/blueprints/pages/note.yml as follows
    # Define the form layout with two columns
    # Columns are optional but help structure the form layout
      - width: 2/3
        # This columns only has a single field
            label: WYSIWYG
            type: editor

Anybody here who can point me to the right direction?


Have you cleared the browser cache, deleted media folder and sessions folder?

Same Problem here. Cache is cleared, media and session folder, too. Do you have other ideas?

Have you updated Kirby and the Editor on your development system to the latest version?

yes, both are the latest releases


Could you please post your complete blueprint?

# Each page blueprint must have a title, the title may be different from the file name
# This default blueprint is used to display a page in the Panel whenever a custom page blueprint is missing.
title: Simple Page

# Each page can have an icon that is shown in page listings when no preview image is available.
icon: 📝

# Page presets are a quick way to set up a standard page layout
# More about page presets:
# - https://getkirby.com/docs/guide/blueprints/presets and
# - https://getkirby.com/docs/reference/panel/presets/page
preset: page

# Custom descriptions of page statuses depending on use case
# More about page statuses: https://getkirby.com/docs/reference/panel/blueprints/page#statuses
  draft: true
    label: Hidden Page
    text: The page is not listed in the main menu
    label: Menu Page
    text: The page is listed in the main menu

# Limit subpage display to certain templates in a page preset
  template: default

# A page preset can have a freely defined set of fields
# List of all available field types: https://getkirby.com/docs/reference/panel/fields
    label: Blocks
    type: editor

I used the default.yml from starterkit.

When you check your network tab, does an index.js from a route /media/plugins get loaded?

If you are using other plugins, make sure they are all up to date. Remove other plugins if necessary.

If all fails, remove the complete Kirby folder and put it back in again from a fresh kit or the Kirby repo.

Hmmmm, I think we’re getting closer. index.js can’t be loaded from route /media/plugins/index.js. The problem might be the local dev browser(php -S localhost:8001) . Now, I took a docker container and put the hole stuff in it. That works fine. :slight_smile:

For PHP’s built-in server, you need the router: https://getkirby.com/docs/guide/quickstart#requirements