Kirby 3.3.0 & Kirby Editor 1.0.0 πŸš€

Today is a really big day!

We are super excited to release Kirby 3.3.0 – Trioceros and the first version of our new Kirby Editor

Kirby 3.3.0 – Trioceros

… is a huge new release with tons of new features, improvements and bug fixes, based on your feedback:

The Kirby Editor

… is a major next step for Kirby. It adds a very intuitive and visual writing and layout interface to Kirby. It’s the foundation for a completely new content editing experience in Kirby and we hope for many exciting new projects that become possible now:

We can’t wait to hear what you think of both!

Thank you!

Thank you to the entire community for your help. Testing such big new releases and an entirely new editing interface without your help wouldn’t be possible. You rock! We couldn’t be more proud of the Kirby family <3


Thanks to @texnixe and @distantnative our docs are already up to date and you can find details about all features in our guide and reference.


Kirby 3.3.0:

Kirby Editor 1.0.0:

How to update Kirby

  1. Download the latest version of the kirby folder here:
  2. Unzip it and rename the folder to kirby
  3. Use it to replace your old kirby folder in your installation

How to install the Editor

  1. Download the latest version here:
  2. Unzip it and rename the folder to editor
  3. Move the folder inside /site/plugins

Find out more in the editor docs:


There is a lot that is new here. All fantastic! Go team!
Also, of high importance to me, I love how the content from the textarea blueprint field is automatically updated when switching it to the editor value in blueprints.
Now to see if it will handle the change from the Kirby Markdown Field plugin from SylvainJule that I was using.

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It should be working with Sylvainβ€˜s plugin too. The editor can parse html and markdown - no matter where it comes from.

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Great release! The new editor plugin is going to help a lot and the new virtual page docs are excellent.

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In the future, will the new editor be part of Kirby by default or stay as a plugin?

For the time being, it will stay as a plugin. But that might change in the future.

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I downloaded the editor and renamed the folder to editor and put it in the plugin folder. How do I activate the editor? Is it a different field type than textarea?

Yes, the field type is editor. You can still use the textarea field side by side with the editor.

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Thanks! Finally found the wiki!

Oh yes, we are planning to integrate it into the main docs…