Kirby code editor plugin

I’m trying to get this plugin to work but I seem to not be getting something in the documentation for it because I keep getting this error…

The field class is missing for: code-editorfield

Anyone know what I did wrong?

I guess you are referring to my plugin? Have you tried to use this as a field in your blueprint? This is not a field…

I hope you have also read the warning, because this is an experimental plugin.

Yes I read the warning. What is the name of the field and does it matter which page? I tried but I think I must not be putting in the correct field name.

As I said, this is not a field but a separate Panel page, accessible via the widget.

In your dashboard, click on Open View in the widget. Then click on a file name in the sidebar.

I don’t see that-I must have installed the plugin in the wrong place. I’m still a little shaky with what goes where, I made a folder called field in my site path for my plugins because they seemed to not work in the plugin folder when placed there.

The plugin has to go into the plugins folder and the folder must have the same name as the file inside it, in this case code-editor.

I’m sorry there is no documentation, that is intended, so that only people who know what they are doing are using it :wink:

Awesome that worked-thanks

Make sure to always have a backup of your site and don’t blame me if anything goes wrong!