How to go about debugging "The field class is missing" error?

I’m trying to learn how to build a plugin for Kirby, in particular for a custom field, and am running into an error when loading the panel:

The field class is missing for: …

I was wondering how to go about debugging this? I’m looking at a number of existing plugins for reference and am not sure what this is referring to?

This error can occur in two circumstances, do you have a line number for me?

Ah it is /panel/app/src/panel/form/plugins.php:59

Maybe. a typo somewhere, did you name your field exactly like the file?

If you post your code, it would probably make things easier.

Thank you for the response - the code is just so rough as it’s early on, but after trying so many different versions of naming things, I re-read the documentation on custom fields and realized far too late that the class name itself, by convention requires it to end with ‘Field’:

phone /site/fields/phone/phone.php class PhoneField {}

So I think that was the issue all along, not the folder structure I had been using, and it is working now!

That said, I’m not really sure how things with hyphens/dashes in the name work, as I can only seem to get things working without any dashes.

Yes, that was the issue then. You can‘t have dashes in your class name.

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