Error in panel (field class is missing for .gitkeepfield)

When trying to access the Panel, instead of the login page, I get the following error:

‘The field class is missing for: .gitkeepfield’

Really have no idea where this comes from. Google and searching within my files didn’t tell me anything. The panel worked yesterday, and I can’t find what I did wrong by retracing my steps.

Any idea where to look to fix this?

Could you please post screenshots of your site/fields and panel/app/fields directories?


I didn’t even think about it, but the file ‘.gitkeep’ in ‘site/fields’ throws this error. If I remove it, the panel works fine.

The weird thing is that I have the exact same file on our staging environment (same server), and there the panel works fine.

The screenshots:

I can’t reproduce this either. The Panel only loads field directories, not plain files in the site/fields directory. So that’s something that should not happen.
For further debugging I need the following information:

  • Which PHP version are you using?
  • Can you reproduce this in the same environment, but with an installation of the starterkit with only the addition of an empty file site/fields/.gitkeep?


We’re running PHP 7.0.15. I’ll see if I can install Starterkit anytime soon, and let you know.

But still, the staging is in the same environment as the production at the moment. They are exactly the same atm.

That’s very strange. Please let me know if you find a way to reproduce this issue.