Thumb() only working sometimes on server


I’m having an issue with thumb creation on my remote server, but not on my localhost. My server is apache, running Ubuntu 16.04 and PHP 7.2.

If I upload more than a few larger images (my client has tried between 1–10mb), they are ‘generated’ as a thumb (and moved into the media folder), but keep their filesize and pixel size (e.g. a 1.5mb image will be the same size and width, despite using the following:

$slideImg->thumb(['width' => 2000, 'crop' => false, 'quality' => 80])

However on my localhost the same image will resize to <500kb and actually take the new pixel width of 2000px. If I upload only one or two large images, the thumbs are generated correctly.

Each time I try to generate the thumbs on the server again (just by clearing the specific folder in /media and clicking through the page in the browser) I get the following in my error log:


I assumed this was to do with memory but even increasing both the max_execution_time and memory_limit by a number way beyond what would be necessary doesn’t work…

Anyone run into a similar issue? I have never had an issue with creating many thumbs from big files before.

You probably also need to increase the max post and file size in php.ini. Post max size should always be slightly larger.

upload_max_filesize = 20M
post_max_size = 21M

However, it sounds like the images are just being moved and are not being processed. Check that GD is properly installed or switch the thumb driver to ImageMagick to see if it persists.

There must be more to that error message than just Killed - what was killed exactly?

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Thanks. Got it working now. Major over site on my part — I simply didn’t have GD configured on my server :joy:. As for the error, the message really does just read Killed, but that’s another concern.