The thumb function generate black images


i use the thumb function. On my local machine and the dev server (uberspace) it works fine.

Now i upload the page to a 1&1 Server and the thumb function generate black images. Sometimes it works but generally i get black images.

On the 1&1 Server is running PHP 5.4.45.

Do you here from this issue and have a solution?


Do you get an error in the server error logs? Maybe a memory problem?

That is the next Problem. i don’t have access to the logs. i have only access to the ftp.

but the phpinfo says that the server has 120M memory_limit.

Hmm, 1&1 and its problems. :smiley:

Some versions of the GD library don’t play well with transparent images (PNGs). Maybe this is the case? I’d recommend switching your hosting provider, 1&1 is very … let’s say … special. :wink:

I agree, if you have a chance to switch to another provider, do it!

Edit: having said that, I have a client site running on 1&1 where thumbs (of jpeg files) are no problem.

You are right! 1&1 is very special. I found the issue. :smile:

The images that i want to make smaller with the thumb function are to big. A image has around 4-5 MB. I need this because this are headimages that fill the whole display in the width.

For a test i resize the image manually and now the thumb function works.

Next step: Bye Bye 1&1. Problem solved.